My Year of (Welsh) Adventures


My Year of (Welsh) Adventures

This week I turned 43, gulp!  So, with current life expectancy in the UK (for females) being around 86 means, I am about half way…don’t click away, I’m not going on all melancholy on you.  In order to celebrate making it this far and to welcome the second half in the way I would love to continue, I will be having a year of mini-adventures.

The seemingly serendipitous discovery of it also being Visit Wales‘ Year of Adventure in 2016 got me thinking.  I plan to do 43 mini-adventures around Wales throughout my 43rd year, some with my partner and children, some with friends and some alone – all the adventures are doable by the average person (well a middle aged slightly podgy female with dodgy knees).
Some of the adventures I plan to do are listed below, my list is not yet complete and I welcome suggestions!  There are several criteria:-
  • They need to take place in Wales
  • Do-able by me i.e. no particular hardcore skills needed like flying my own plane or free climbing a 7a graded wall!
  • Not too expensive, preferably free!

 Ten of my future adventures
1          From Dusk ‘til Dawn – walking through the longest night
2          MTB the Trans-Cambrian Way
3          Swim across a lake
4          Caving in South Wales
5          Get stranded on an island
6          Watching the starling migration at Newport wetlands
7          Sleep on a beach
8          Hike the Welsh 3000ers
9          Stand behind a waterfall
10       Go kayaking around the Pembrokeshire coast

Hope you enjoy reading of my adventures as much as I will planning and doing them – here’s to My Year of (Welsh) Adventure!


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