A family wild swim

This mini-adventure is a perfect cool down from the hot work of the mtb trails

DSC00475I love the Wild Things publishing series, especially the Wild Swimming book, so was a little surprised that this swimming spot doesn’t have a mention in it.  It has everything you could possibly want from a wild swim spot – gorgeous surroundings, shallow and deep ends, as well as a small waterfall to massage your shoulders.  It’s a perfect spot for a picnic/mid-ride cool down.

You can get to it by riding any of the waymarked Coed Y Brenin mountain bike trails – my daughter Tan, Rorie (the dog) and I rode the Yr Afon trail (the green graded family trail) whilst Gareth and Gryff rode the Minotaur (blue graded). The Minotaur is just above Yr Afon for most of the way out, so it’s easy to stay in touch. The pool is at GR734 251 or where the paths merge and cross over a footbridge.

Whilst it’s away from the road, the foot/bike bridge above is fairly busy with cyclists so if you are a bit shy about dipping in public then this isn’t the one for you.

The pool slopes fairly gently so toddlers can potter around the edge whilst swimmers can head over to the mini-waterfall for a very refreshing shower!  The rocks are slippery, so crocs/sandals would be useful.  Once refreshed, just hop on your bike and carry on your ride to head back to the trail centre.

Cost:– Free!
Logistical ease:– Simple, just bikes, picnic and a couple of towels (and some sunshine helps!)
Adventure rating:- **, the water was freezing! My four year old loved it whilst my six year old dipped his toes and flat refused to go any further.  Rosie didn’t even dip his toes!

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