5 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Mountain Bike

Published on Total Women’s Cycling 13th July 2017

Click here to read my article – 5 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Mountain Bike – published on the Total Women’s Cycling website.

It’s a popular scenario; you started mountain biking and got very excited when you purchased a brand new (to you) lovely mountain bike. It felt amazing and you learnt your trade on it. However, recently you have been having a little bit of bike envy, be it one of your riding buddy’s bike or by looking at bikes online… everything looks so gorgeous!

You want something new but can’t justify the cost of a new mountain bike just yet. Then what about upgrading your bike? Admittedly, these parts cost £££s, but it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new bike, plus you can transfer them over to the new stead when that day finally arrives.



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